After being adopted at the age of 9 years old, I came back to live in the USA from Guatemala! My adoptive grandpa owned his own company and I grew up around the oyster farming business. He took Sundays and Mondays off, and I grew up with the mentality that money is easy to come by with hard work.



Problem-solving became my daily go-to tool, and learned that the relationship with your customer & the service you provide is the most important skill you can have.



This was one of my most challenging jobs to date, and sadly left after being discriminated against & harassed due to the color of skin. Having gone through a worker's comp claim against discrimination and harassment really opened my heart and mind up that I needed to speak up about my experiences not only concerning business but life.



Being a first generation Latinx and mother of 3; being an example to other women in business of what is possible moving past obstacles and life's unexpected situations is one of my core values. From the beginning of my hairstylist career, I have done things very opposite of what everyone does and used my own unique voice and experiences to grow my business and connect with my ideal clientele.



Mentoring + Education for Beauty Professionals

Business is simple, fun, and abundant. I know after helping over 40+ beauty professionals in all different realms of the beauty service industry become educators & grow their businesses.



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Launching the mobile salon, I started with a budget of $10,000 and decided on the DIY route, going on Craigslist, and searching vintage campers. I reached out to a fellow small business.
Owner to see if she would offer her decorating touches, and she ended up collaborating with me to make it a special space.

The Mobile Salon

Booth renting left me alone most of the time, so in February 2020 I decided to sign a lease and have my studio. I was killing it… and then two weeks later the first shutdown in California happened. I had just found this new space I could work from. I cried for two weeks.

The Studio 


After years working as a paid content creator & consultant for brands continue to love helping other hairstylist, beauty pros to gain clarity and the confidence to run a profitable business.

Worked directly with the pinterest Tv team as a  pinterest tv host until september of 2023.

Finished the year doing special event on site hairstyling and weddings.

From Coaching to Pinterest Tv Host... 

After successfully launching a mobile salon, I love the fact that I could turn this mobile space into an events space, and I did. I launched Sonoma Mobile Lounge, a vintage space for special occasions.

Sonoma Mobile Lounge 


2022 -2023


 I'm Celeste, also known as CelestetheStylist, cosmetologist and proud Latina mom of three. Since obtaining my cosmetology license in 2017, I've been passionate about diversifying income streams beyond the beauty industry.

While on location luxury bridal hairstyling is my main passion, I've ventured into various roles to expand my horizons.

My journey includes hosting on Pinterest TV, where I gained valuable insights to help fellow beauty professionals attract organic traffic and clients.

As a former international bilingual hairstylist educator for Malibu C and a paid video creator, I've honed my skills and shared my expertise with aspiring stylists worldwide.

In 2020, I transformed a vintage camper into a licensed mobile salon, bringing convenience and luxury hairstyling to clients across California. Inspired by the art of bridal hairstyling as a beauty school student and my wedding day experience. I pivoted my focus in 2022 to cater to luxury brides seeking personalized looks for their special day.

As a member of Amy Porterfield's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, I'm committed to fostering an inclusive environment within our industry. Since 2018, I've empowered hairstylists to build personal brands and diversify their income streams, regardless of their follower count or experience level.

I believe in the power of community and actively support inclusive-owned small businesses. Whether speaking on topics like women's resilience or entrepreneurship, both online and offline, I strive to inspire others to pursue their passions fearlessly.

You can connect with me on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest @CelestetheStylist or visit my website at celestethestylist.com. Let's create beauty and sustainable businesses together!

The woman behind the business