As business owners age or timing is a big subject of objection that we have heard time and time again. Its something that I personally struglle as a 30 year old cosmetology student when most were out of high school. Today an insight at an amazing story of resilience and following your passion at any […]

January 31, 2023

Entrepreneurship – Has no age the importance of being persistent in your business.

Con todo está habla de cambios en la economía no es un tiempo ⏱️ para alarmarnos ni bajar precios. Al contrario cómo mejorar nuestra experiencia a nuestros clientes y unos de los errores más comunes que dañan a muchos negocios y cómo prevenirlo — Send in a voice message:

January 30, 2023

Salón de belleza – Estrategias de marketing para salones de belleza

Video marketing as we know reels, tik toks, and lives on social all come down to video. You know the importance of it but in this episode share the importance of Consistency on social.  Started doing video in 2017 with consistency and this has been key to the success and growth in 2023. Why is […]

January 24, 2023

How to grow your business as a hairstylist or salon business in 2023 Video + the importance of consistency

Feliz 2023 este episode esta disponible en video en spotify! Hay veces que las ventes o numerós de servicios bajan y son cosas pequeñas que puedes cambiar para incrementar tu visibilidad y dinero en tu negocio. Hoy hablando sobre tu pagina web, la importancia de tu mercadeo en las redes sociales con estrategia y mas. […]

January 24, 2023

Español Marketing en redes sociales (Mercadotecnia en medios sociales)

Yes🙌🏽 is the thing of the year 😂 everyone sharing the benefits of being an affiliate like 💰🤑💵💸 but after 5 years doing this the truth behind it, best practices and things no one told me that I’m sharing with you 💵 to do it mindful — Send in a voice message:

January 18, 2023

Affiliate ✨Marketing What no one tells you

Where are you missing out on the opportunities to bring more income into your business with ease. Super grateful and thankful for you listening and the DM that I got last week on Instagram @ celestethestylist ♥️ — Send in a voice message:

January 10, 2023

5 ways to get more bookings with ease

Caption writing, blogs, emails, sales pages what if you could type or say a sentence asking an app to write ✍🏼 and give you ideas and captions based on what you need ✨ well it’s here and it’s coming in 2023 to make changes in how marketing will be.. Sharing what it is, the changes […]

January 4, 2023

Artificial intelligence – social media marketing the changes coming in 2023

You get to choose what matters to you.. is not about right or wrong but with so much noise on start working and planning on 2023 without even having enjoyed the holidays, is okay to slow down. Sharing the importance of boundaries with family and at work choosing your joy and okay if we are […]

December 19, 2022

Unpopular opinion – is okay to slow down during the holidays

Authenticity in Your brand and journey. You are doing the posts, putting in the work and you are not seeing the results you expected or see others achieve.. Me too been there a heart ♥️ felt episode the importance of pushing ego aside and being true to you which is Some results will take time, […]

December 13, 2022

You are doing the work but not seeing the results fast enough 🎧You are not alone

I’m my fuzzy socks 🧦 and with a cup of coffee ☕️ todays episode talking about the end of Pinterest 📌creator rewards program, other ways to diversify your income not only on Pinterest but beyond. PSA.. the creator rewards program has ended but the creator fund is different and is currently closed for new applications. […]

December 4, 2022

Pinterest 📌changes + diversifying your income?!💰 Is it something you want for yourself