You Know that you have what it takes to be successful in your beauty business but not sure where to even begin.

-Looking for ways to have more time  
-Maybe desire to start a mobile business
-Not quite sure how to stand out in a "saturated market" in a way that is authentic to you
-Confused about making your branding and marketing cohesive online and offline
-Not sure what content to post on social media that will grow your beauty business
-Marketing and “putting yourself out there” is not a strong suit
-Not tech savvy

If you are ready to grow your beauty business on & off social media

LET'S work one on one!

Is this you?

 I had the proper tools to achieve the results I was looking for.

She speaks from experience and that is a game changer when wanting to get work done.

GINA- Hairstylist

1000/10 recommend Celeste!

Truly takes customers' visions and makes them a reality. She is also very clean and has everything sanitized. I 1000/10 recommend Celeste.


Celeste saved me. 

I was so frustrated by Canva. Now, I am obsessed. And if I can learn it, then anyone can!!!


3 ways to work together!

1. My podcast and free guides are available to you and change over time. So grab what you need and take action.

2. Maybe you want to talk to me and pick my brain lol you have two options. To be inclusive & equal of all I do not answer coaching questions over dms.
Get a personalized video response to your question for only $35

Get one on one access to ask your questions and see how I can better support you and your business. This 30 minutes one on one is only $95 investment.

3. For brands or collaborations please email

I can’t wait to meet you and bring clarity into your business to run it more confidently and successfully.

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