In California The Second Shutdown Happened But I Am Here To Give You 5 Ways To Make Money While Not Being To Work On Guests & How To Prepare.. Preparation is key for this shutdown. I saw it coming. Wait what? Yes, the number one question all my guests asked was.. Do you think there […]

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February 14, 2022

The Shutdown Happening To You or For You??

I live in California and at the time of this Post, we are under Mandated Closure. How have I been connecting with my clients weekly? That is right through video. Right now more than ever being at home we all crave connection. I am missing my friends, family, and Esthetician. That is right, the mom […]


February 14, 2022

Why Video Is Important Now More than Ever!

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Welcome, my name is Celeste Gonzalez. I am known as the owner of Celestethestylist. I started like everyone from zero and have made my dream a reality of working less, making more, and attracting only my dream clients. This is the question I get all the time: How do I make my videos? Being a […]

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February 4, 2022

Welcome! Who am I and let’s grow your business